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This is an Enterprise Employee Time Attendance (EETA) software focused mainly on large organizations with unmatched clustering for high performance applications that span for hundreds of locations with thousands of employees. Shift employs the latest techniques in threaded applications offering flexibility in shifts, overtime, break time, resource management and 360 view for instant assignments and replacements of staff in different zones for relevant industries.


Shift, when tied with customer’s backend systems, offers the extensibility needed by today’s organizations. Employee’s vacations, excuses, sick leaves, holidays, mandates and other activities are all processed daily to ensure accurate information to heads of departments in large enterprises.

The system give flexibility to working hours with upper and lower limits with actions for each parameter limit to make sure that each organization is able to define the suitable working hours according to their business rules and regulations. Moreover, the software offers enhanced security that extends to each screen and for each action in each screen that limits users and restricts them to specific functionalities within the system especially in large organizations so that they can perform required functions only. Each transaction is logged with easy to view audit trails to track the users working on the system and ensure proper security measures around the application.

Furthermore, the software is integrated with major biometrics devices in the market to ensure real time data capturing from all connected devices in a hybrid environment. This saves organizations from replacing existing time attendance terminals while enhancing and automating the time attendance processes.


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