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Time Attendance Software


This is an Enterprise Employee Time Attendance (EETA) software focused mainly on large organizations with unmatched clustering for high performance applications that span for hundreds of locations with thousands of employees. Shift employs the latest techniques in threaded applications offering flexibility in shifts, overtime, break time, resource management and 360 view for instant assignments and replacements of staff in different zones for relevant industries.

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ID Card Management software


This is a comprehensive set of tools for badge design, creation and issuance of ID cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and other cards needed for small, medium and large organisations.

BadgeMaster is more an enterprise level ID card design and print management offering client / server model for ease of use and control over the printing process. It has an intuitive and intelligent ID card design options with great enhance-ability and flexibility. BadgeMaster allow large organisations with multi-level units to assign templates according to each employee department.

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